5 ways to “vet” your veterinarian

1. Visit http://www.myveterinarian.com. The free AVMA tool for finding the perfect veterinarian is just a mouse click away. Here you can discover veterinarians in your area, the type of animals they treat, their hours, if they offer emergency services, and information on their staff.

2. Ask about your veterinarian’s office operations. This includes who does procedures, how much services cost and payment options.
Inquire about their experience with your particular type of pet


3. Ask about emergency care. When your pet has acute health issues in the middle of the night, you’ll need to know where to call or go.

4. Ask where you should go when things go wrong, and make sure you figure out how to get there BEFORE an emergency – you certainly don’t want to be driving around asking for directions in an emergency situation

5. Talk with neighbors and other clients of the veterinarian. Selecting a veterinarian is like selecting a pediatrician. You will be the individual communicating with the veterinarian. Make certain you have a good working relationship.


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