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Results may climb when you make it rhyme

Posted: 18 Feb 2014 07:39 AM PST

Here’s a copywriting technique that just might improve your fundraising results: Make your copy rhyme.

According to a recent study reported at Neuromarketing (Save Time, Persuade with Rhyme!) says, “Statements that rhyme are more persuasive than the same statements without rhyme.”

People remember and believe aphorisms like An apple a day keeps the doctor away or Haste makes waste much better than similar bits of folks wisdom that don’t rhyme.

And that applies broadly across almost all types of discourse. Including fundraising.


You don’t need to go all Wordsworth in your copy. Very simple rhymes can have the punch you’re looking for. Like this St. Jude banner ad.

Give and live have to be irresistible for fundraisers looking for rhymes. Go ahead and use them. (St. Jude doesn’t own the rhyme!)

There are other types of rhyming that can have the same positive effect:


  • Forced rhyme: When the sound match is not exact (men/friend)
  • Assonance: matching vowel sounds (green/street)
  • Consonance: matching consonants at beginnings of the (hungry/homeless) or the end (sing/long)


There’s a reason poets use these techniques. You can too.


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