Nonprofit tip of the week

How your fundraising can cut through the noise

Who’s your competition for donor support?

Organizations with similar causes? Other fundraisers in general? Commercial offers gobbling up donors’ disposable income?

Your donors have a lot going on. Financial worries. Health issues. Things going on with their kids or grandkids. You know how noisy life is. It’s the same for your donors.

So what do we do?


The greatest need isn’t to add to the noise. It’s to distill to a simple, compelling, and memorable signal. By developing micro-statements and using analogies, you can gain memory space and beat your biggest competition: noise.


For fundraisers, the secret is to do two things:


  1. Keep your message simple.
  2. Make your message relevant to your audience.


Do those two things, and you’ll be a welcome message, not just more noise.

That’s how you break through.


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