How can you help the animal shelters of iron county Utah this Christmas?

Lots of people write and ask how they can help the shelters.

Many don’t have room for another dog or don’t have the time to volunteer a lot. 

Everyone is trying to make ends meet, and with Christmas it seems like there is very little left to share for homeless pets. 

Consider the ” Friends Of Festival Country K-9s ” Christmas Tree ! * at Petsense *

Choose a card for a cash donation for 5 dollars, 10, 20, 50, 100……

Or, pick a card for a specific item ( we asked the shelters their specific needs ) Collars, leash’s, cat food, dog food, litter, Gift Cards ect. 

There is also a poster of several adoptable dogs from the Iron Co Animal Shelter.

Stop in to PETSENSE, choose a card that fits your budget, and Thank-you for your donation !


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