Grooming winter tip

A dog’s coat tends to mat and tangle more during winter. Fur that is matted and ungroomed is less able to retain heat and cannot adequately protect your dog from the elements. Harsh winter conditions can dry your dog’s coat and skin. Premium Plus® Omega-3 Gel Caps or Chews is an excellent supplement, formulated to help build soft coats and healthy skin. Regular brushing also helps stimulate natural oil production to maintain a healthy protective layer.


Be sure to check and clean paws regularly since compacted snow or ice lodged between paw pads can lead to painful sores or frostbite. Perfect Coat Bath Wipes are perfect for between baths or to clean muddy paws. They also come in handy to wipe off salts and other chemical de-icers that burn and irritate paws and gently clean and condition your pet’s skin at the same time.

If you have any doubts whether it is too cold to keep your dog outdoors, err on the side of caution and keep him indoors. Shivering is a clear sign that your dog is too cold and indicates the potential onset  of hypothermia. Bring your dog indoors if he is shivering. Pay particular attention to older dogs as well as puppies. Older dogs will have special health considerations to address, especially arthritis. The cold can aggravate arthritic conditions and icy ground poses real dangers. Whenever possible, keep older dogs indoors.

Follow these guidelines, and enjoy a safe and happy winter season with your dog.


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